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5 Maggio 2023 Kjeldahl vs Dumas: Determining Protein

Ready to take your lab’s protein determination process to the next level? LECO’s protein analyzers do just that, with a streamlined process that saves time and money. Learn more in our on-demand Kjeldahl vs Dumas webinar.

3 Giugno 2022 Kjeldahl vs Dumas: Modern Protein Analysis

Why is the Dumas method beating out the classic Kjeldahl method in modern instruments? Learn more about these two protein determination methods with our white paper!

27 Settembre 2021 Vertical vs Horizontal Furnaces: The Dumas Method for Protein Determination

When using the Dumas method, is it better to use an open air combustion boat or a sealed tin capsule or foil? LECO endeavored to find out!

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