Gas cromatografia

Portafoglio strumenti

Pegasus BT

Spettrometro di massa a tempo di volo per gascromatografia

Pegasus GC-HRT

GC-TOFMS ad alta risoluzione

Note applicative

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12 Giugno 2024 Metabolomics Society Celebrates 20 Years

This year marks the 20th annual conference of the Metabolomics Society! LECO is excited to be a sponsor for Metabolomics 2024, starting on 16 June and ending 20 June, and we’re counting down the minutes until the conference begins. Held in the buzzing metropolis of Osaka, Japan, this event is the largest metabolomics meeting worldwide. […]

30 Giugno 2023 Excellence in GC-MS Applications

LECO, in partnership with The Analytical Scientist, is pleased to announce the winners of our Application Challenge! Learn more about novel and interesting applications of GC-MS through interviews with the winners.

28 Aprile 2023 Special Series: GC-MS with The Analytical Scientist

Discover how GC-MS technology is being used to tackle real-world problems like fuel laundering and environmental pollution with The Analytical Scientist’s GC-MS eBook.

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