Say ‘Cheese’ to Precision: Protein Analysis of Dairy Products

Got milk? Dairy contains a “complete” protein, making it a prime candidate for high-quality protein or nutrition products. This is driving a growing interest in dairy protein, making protein analysis more important than ever.

In a recent article with FOOD-Lab International Technical, R&D Director Monika Partyka explains the use of LECO’s FP928 Protein Analyzer in a laboratory in Poland. The lab uses the FP928 to analyze approximately 600 protein samples in different types of foods per month. Partyka explains that by using the DUMAS method with our analyzer, the laboratory staff can focus on other tasks while the machine works fully automatically. Using the DUMAS method with FP928, the run time for each sample is within 5 minutes and eliminates involved sample preparation requirements resulting in a cost-effective and accurate method.

Read the full article here and download our Determination of Nitrogen/Protein in Cheese application note to learn how the FP928 can help you achieve better results.

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