Scratched Specimens

Tips and tricks to avoid scratched metallographic samples. How to mount, sand, and polish without scratches for clean evaluation.

Calibration Settings

It is important to know how to calibrate your video measurement systems and eyepiece reticle microscopes before measuring with them.

Sectioning Struggles

Struggling with rough or slow cuts when sectioning? Your blade could be the problem. Pay attention to the blade’s strength, width, size, and material.

Uncured Epoxy

When overnight isn’t long enough for your long cure epoxy mount to cure, what can you do to fix the problems? Tips and tricks for curing epoxy mounts

Radial Cracks

Cracks in a mount are NEVER a welcome sight, but there are some tricks to preventing their formation in the first place.

Broken Blades

How can you prevent abrasive cut-off wheels from breaking mid-cut? Here, we outline the most frequent causes of a broken blade and how to fix them.

Stained Specimens

When a metallographic specimen is stained, it’s not always clear what went wrong.